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The Child and Family Partners Certificate program is an innovative, evidence-based program, informed by the Head Start Relationship-Based Competencies for staff and supervisors who work with families. This exciting program is offered in a unique blend of video conference calls and online assignments and interactions. You can complete the program in the comfort of your home and community!

Teaching Realities in Early Education (TREE)

Teaching Realities in Early Education (TREE) is an early childhood program based on the Pyramid Model. TREE addresses positive relationships and supportive environments, with practices that help ensure the confidence, skill, and competence of early childhood providers.

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Child and Family Partners offers online workshops and webinars to support parents, families and providers as they endeavor to support child development.

  • Want to correctly address a child's needs?

  • Want to help a child recover from trauma?

  • Want to engage children in meaningful fun?

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Certificate Program Training of Trainers

The Child and Family Partners Certificate Program is starting a new method for obtaining the Family Partner Credential. Trainers are trained to facilitate the Certificate Program for employees from their agencies. Graduates from the Certificate Program are encouraged to obtain the Trainer Certification to maximize cost-efficiency for employees in their respective agencies. Even Family Service Workers or administrators with another credential can be eligible to obtain the Trainer Certification.

Parenting During the Pandemic- On-Demand Series

Child and Family Partners is producing an audio series to honor the challenges currently faced by parents during the COVID-19 crisis. Parenting is taking on new dimensions and this series aims to give parents credit, support, and ideas!

  • Part 1- Routines and Redirection ( Audio, Flyer)

  • Part 2- Self-Doubt and Reflection (Audio, Flyer...tbd)